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Poem for My Mother

I’d been wanting to write a thank-you note to my mom. I guess this poem is it. Poem for Her by Donna Trussell I wish I could see myself through the eyes of the child I never had. The wrinkles … Continue reading

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The healing path of dresses and waffles

I recently bought a sewing machine. Yes, I know that these days it’s cheaper to buy finished clothing than to buy cloth and sew a dress yourself. But I bought a sewing machine. Compounding the horror, I also bought a waffle … Continue reading

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It Was a Hot and Steamy Day

[ed. note: from my mother, about the day I was born] It was hot, like August is in Texas.  Some of the neighbors had these big water-trickle things that filled up a whole window, darkening the room and making a … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day

Song “Left Foot Down” by Downy Mildew. Images from 1930s, 1940s, 1950s. My mom was so sad, with Mother’s Day approaching, and she was missing my grandmother. So I made this video. With love to my mother, and in memory … Continue reading

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Mom Has Cancer. Her Son Reacts.

My friend Julie Levine had everything I lacked: A charmed childhood, beautiful kids. I might have envied her had she not been the nicest person I ever met. And, therefore, a magnet for cancer. (On an Internet bulletin board I … Continue reading

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