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Pinktober! Queue Another Stupid Facebook Meme

There’s a chill in the air. That used to mean leaves turning yellow and crimson, but now it means everything in sight turning pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. October means a new Facebook meme that allegedly raises “awareness” of … Continue reading

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Cartoon Character Facebook Meme. I’m Bambi. Or Not.

I’m Bambi. I’d like to be, anyway. But it doesn’t take much to bring out the Tasmanian Devil in me. Yesterday ABC News reported on the new meme sweeping Facebook. People are replacing their profile pictures with a childhood favorite cartoon … Continue reading

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Facebook Wants to Know Where I Like My Purse. Here’s Where They Can Put It.

It’s meme season again. Last year about this time, lots of women found this message in their Facebook mailboxes: “Help spread the wings of breast cancer awareness by putting the color of your bra as your status. Just the color, … Continue reading

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The Bra-ha-ha

Regarding my previous post My Bra? Color Me Furious, which has clocked in at 1,000+ comments: I guess I hit a nerve. My initial headline was “My Bra? Color Me Dubious.” But who would click on that? Not me. Writers … Continue reading

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My Bra? Color Me Furious

The bra-color meme that’s sweeping Facebook and allegedly raising awareness of breast cancer got a nice one-two punch from my colleague Frances Tobin. Allow me to pile on. Not for myself, but for friends I’ve watched face this beast. Many … Continue reading

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