Amelia Earhart: After 75 Years, She’s Still Trending

Amelia Earhart

Seventy-five years ago this month, Amelia Earhart took off from New Guinea in her bid to finish her trip around the world along an equatorial route.

The trip started in Miami on June 1, 1937. Earhart and her navigator stopped in South America, Africa, India and Southeast Asia. From New Guinea, Earhart was headed for Howland Island, which was halfway to Hawaii.

She never made it, and a mystery was born. Did Earhart run out of fuel, crash and sink into the Pacific Ocean? That’s what most experts believe.

Or did she land on Nikumaroro (Gardner) Island and survive for a time as a castaway? This blurry photograph of supposed “wreckage” could hardly count as evidence, but recently discovered artifacts, including a glass jar, perhaps for anti-freckle cream, could…

[read my entire “She the People” column at The Washington Post: Amelia Earhart: What happened?]


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