‘Pink Ribbons Inc.’: Patients Need Help, Not Hype

Pink ribbons. Pink food. Pink trash bins. Pink feather boas. Pink blenders. We’re drowning in pink, and not just in October. Everyone with eyes knows that Breast Cancer Awareness “Month” starts in spring and keeps chugging along until Thanksgiving.

Between the corporate marketing opportunities and the sheer number of people who want to do something — anything — that might alleviate the suffering they’ve seen, pink is big business.

But somewhere between the first pink ribbon (created in the early 1990s according to Anna Holmes) and the Kentucky Fried Chicken partnership with the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation, pink lost its way. The term “pinkwashing” began to show up, along with a campaign called “think before you pink.”

The public is finally pushing back against the relentless merchandising of this disease, as well as the myopic focus on “awareness” and the ever-elusive cure…

[read my entire “She the People” column at The Washington Post: ‘Pink Ribbons Inc.’: Patients need help, not hype]


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I write. I take pictures. I survived cancer.
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