Dying mom makes breast cancer video, begs the FDA to have a heart

Darlene Gant is dying of breast cancer. She’s been writing a decade’s worth of cards — birthday, graduation, wedding — for her 11-year-old son. Plus one extra envelope, sealed. That card is to be opened upon her death, which she believes will come before Mother’s Day.

In addition to writing cards to her son, Gant made a 20-minute video in which she rages against the FDA for not allowing compassionate use of the drug Pertuzumab.

In February drug maker Roche announced that Pertuzumab was given priority review by FDA precisely because of its promising effect on HER2-positive breast cancer.

A phase III clinical trial revealed that metastatic breast cancer patients increased their progression-free survival from 12.4 months to 18.5 months longer when Pertuzumab was combined with two other chemotherapy drugs, Herceptin and docetaxel.

However, the earliest date Pertuzumab would become available is June 8, 2012. Gant knows where she stands, and she’s trying her best to parent from “the beyond.”…

[read my entire “She the People” column at The Washington Post: Dying mom makes breast cancer video, begs the FDA to have a heart]


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