One Girl in Port-au-Prince

Anaika St. Louis, Haiti

Her name was Anaika St. Louis, and she was 11 years old. Her story is just one among thousands in Haiti last week.

Anaika had braids. She wore a pink dress. On her face was a pair of glasses given to her by one of the rescuers to shield her eyes from debris.

Anaika was in a lot of pain. She talked to CNN correspondent Ivan Watson. Rescuers held her hand.

She’d been stuck in the concrete slabs for 48 hours. Her right leg was pinned under a steel beam, and she could not be freed unless rescuers performed an amputation. Which they finally did.

Afterwards she thanked God for saving her life.

Her luck was short-lived. The family desperately tried to find a hospital that could treat her injuries, but Anaika died later that night.

Her last words: “Maman, ne me laisse pas mourir.” Mother, don’t let me die.

Anaika sang in the church choir. She wanted to study law one day. Her nickname was the Little Lawyer.

She was buried wearing a Girl Scouts uniform.

[originally published by Politics Daily in 2010]


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