Voices of Survivors

Lynn Lane became a cancer survivor in 2008. In short order he founded Voices of Survivors Foundation to use his background as a documentary filmmaker to humanize the disease. In August of 2009 Lane served as a delegate to the LiveSTRONG Global Cancer Summit in Dublin, and he continues to work tirelessly to send out virtual life preservers to those who struggle and celebrate those who have — at least partially — beaten the devil.

The word ‘survivor’ oft times has very different meanings for each individual and sometimes can be challenging for them to see themselves as one. This project…gives us an opportunity see ourselves as a ‘survivor’ in our terms and by our own definition of the word.

When Lane invited me to participate in Voices of Survivors, his only requirement was that at some point in my essay I answer the question: What does being a cancer survivor mean to you?

While I’ve written a lot on the subject of cancer, I’ve never addressed it from quite that angle. I was curious to see what I would say. I began by thinking back to every step of the cancer journey, from abject despair eight years ago to my current state of mind.

Here’s what fell out onto my keyboard: Donna Trussell Shares Her Voice.

While you’re there, check out the other essays and videos. The social media generation has intersected with cancer in a big, big way, and there’s no going back. Forget musty old conference rooms, rubber chicken dinners and unendurable speeches. This is the new face of cancer.

About Quixotic Chick

I write. I take pictures. I survived cancer.
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