Love Them? We Still Do

[ed. note: updated November 2, 2011; continuation of Love Them? We Do.]

Fans around the world uploaded these covers of songs by The Beatles.

The Marvin Berrys perform “Love Me Do.”

Kevin Coonan of Canada plays “Love Me Do.”

ortoPilot of the UK sings “I Saw Her Standing There.”

Tiago Rosa from Brazil sings “I Saw Her Standing There.”

Ben Powell performs “Please Please Me.”

Caleb Hawley of American Idol fame sings “Please Please Me.”

XIIstring plays “Please Please Me.” (Viewer comment: “I had a bad day at work. Just got home, sat on the sofa and started listening these 12-string arrangements which are so marvelous. They really make me smile, man.”)

Father and daughter in the UK perform “From Me to You.”

Mirek of the Czech Republic plays “From Me to You” on the accordion.

John Rockliffe of the UK sings “From Me to You.”

The Shakers of France perform “She Loves You.” They get so happy when they get to the chorus, probably because they know that part.

Sam pays tribute to The Beatles and The Ed Sullivan Show with “She Loves You.”

Mike Martinez of California performs “She Loves You.”

The Beatless of France perform “It Won’t Be Long.”

rodgonbass in Portugal plays “It Won’t Be Long.”

Glenvis of Ireland sings “It Won’t Be Long.”

acoustickatie24 plays the ukulele and sings “I Want to Hold Your Hand.” Most song introductions add nothing (“I’ve always liked this song,” “Sorry I haven’t posted in a while,” etc.) but the introduction by this gal is a lovely exception to the rule.

The Meetles of New York City perform “I Want to Hold Your Hand” in the subway.

docandroll of Argentina sing “A Hard Day’s Night.”

Bronte Ellis from Australia perform “A Hard Day’s Night.”

Nick Martellaro performs “I Should Have Known Better.”

MrPhilipOlsen of the UK sings “I Should Have Known Better.”

Musica del Sol of Honduras performs “I Should Have Known Better” in Spanish.

Andee sings “Can’t Buy Me Love.”

Pauli Halme of Finland plays “Can’t Buy Me Love.”

Matt Kinzler & Ted Rosedale performs “Things We Said Today.”

The Handsome Cabin Boys play “Things We Said Today.”

ScalerWave and friends perform “I Feel Fine.”

SK Chow does a mashup of “I Feel Fine” and a song by Kraftwerk.

Thomas Sparks performs “I’m a Loser.”

Jordan Mattice of Canada performs “I’m a Loser.”

Chad Hannah covers “I’ll Follow the Sun.”

panicwithcarly performs “I’ll Follow the Sun.”

LDTV08 performs “I’ll Follow the Sun.”

Mona Lisa Twins sing “Eight Days a Week.”

pennywho of Japan sings “Eight Days a Week.”

Noel Gallagher sings “Help!”

Paul in Japan and Svetla in Bulgaria collaborate on “Help!”

Les Freres Audebert of France sings “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away.”

Majordomus Musica of Brazil perform “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away.”

John in Japan collaborates with Steve in the United States on “You’re Going to Lose That Girl.”

The Cavern Beat perform “You’re Going to Lose That Girl.”

Tony Clef plays “You’re Going to Lose That Girl.”

VellumSoftwear of Canada performs “Ticket to Ride.”

Hiroshi Masuda plays “Ticket to Ride.”

Kate of Canada plays the uke and sings “Ticket to Ride.”

fishenelmar of Mexico performs “I’ve Just Seen a Face.”

Tom in Argentina plays “I’ve Just Seen a Face.”

Tiny Home performs “I’ve Just Seen a Face.”

Kelly Valleau of Canada plays “Day Tripper.”

Blue Remedy performs “Day Tripper.”

Brad Doggett sings “Norwegian Wood.”

Helmut Bickel of Austria plays “Norwegian Wood.”

Rasha Sardest, Mikael Landén and Hampus Lindén from Sweden perform “Norwegian Wood.”

kevinkahomusic of Hong Kong sings “I’m Looking Through You.”

Anthony da Costa and Emily Elbert perform “I’m Looking Through You.”

CalicoSkies18 of France performs “I’m Looking Through You.”

Many more covers of “I Will” on Your Song Will Fill the Air. This birthday greeting for a friend is by therapytherapy.

France-Japan-Chicago collaboration between frenchytouch & jun626 & mg1450 on “Run for Your Life.”

ftcs66 of the UK sings “Run For Your Life.”

Johnny Midgey in Prague performs “Run for Your Life.”

Many more covers of “Blackbird” in Blackbird Fly. This one by Gloria of Canada.

Simon Barker of the UK performs “Here Comes the Sun.”

David Schnaufer plays “Here Comes the Sun” at Poor David’s Pub in Dallas in 1989.

domdegeorge performs “Here Comes the Sun.”

Long live Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. Rest in peace John Lennon (1940-1980) and George Harrison (1943-2001). We will not forget you.


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8 Responses to Love Them? We Still Do

  1. Though tribute bands creep you out, I’ve gotta say the Cavern Beat has the mannerisms down pat.

  2. And Paul is playing left-handed! It’s in the details. Loved George’s dancing too.

  3. Tabbie says:

    How did I miss this post before now? Sigh…I’m just very glad I found it tonight. You pick the best covers, and I daresay you have no idea how deeply these posts touch my heart. Thank you so very much for putting these together.

  4. Thank you Tabbie. I still crack up when I watch the French boys sing “She Loves You.” You can see their relief to arrive at the chorus, since they don’t really know the song. Priceless.

  5. brendan says:

    i am HONORED to be on this blog. ive been telling all my friends and also people who are not my friends. thanks thanks thanks!

  6. billyjay2 says:

    Thanks for the collection. I was also 10 when the Beatles arrived and I am still amazed. It is always wonderful to see young people discovering and loving the music. I sometimes play with the Meetles in Central Park and it is a pleasure to entertain Beatles fans from all over the world visiting Strawberry Fields, the Dakota and the Imagine mosaic. I hope that these fine musicians in your collection will stop by and join us if ever they visit NYC.

  7. johnnybanana99 says:

    Its an honour to find that I am included in here with my cover of “Norwegian Wood” with my sitar. Thanks

  8. fishenelmar says:

    im so happy im included in this list! thank you thank you thank you! greetings from Mexico City :D

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