Your Song Will Fill the Air

[updated April 21, 2011]

In the little-known 1986 film Echo Park, a character complains that he’s sick of how everyone he meets in Los Angeles has a day job, but they’re really looking for their big break. A bartender (played by Susan Dey) disagrees. “I love that everyone is really an actress, is really a singer.”

I don’t live in Los Angeles, but now we’re a YouTube nation, and Los Angeles has come to me.

Jasmine Commerce.

Isaac Kolding.

nige2410 of the UK.



Emily Elbert.

Atomino8 of Iceland.

MrClose2u of the UK.

Sungha Jung of South Korea.


Alexander Rybak.



Pennywho from Japan.

The Hepengs of Indonesia.

edgsongs from the Netherlands.


Kelly Izzo.

The Postal Service.

Jeroen of the Netherlands.


Tony Hakim.


Adam Green.

Avrel Seale.

Kim Schaefer.

learosario of Argentina.

Song Breeze of South Korea.


Roma di Luna/Minnesota Beatles Project.


Gonna end with the real deal — Godzilla lip-syncs to Paul McCartney.

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3 Responses to Your Song Will Fill the Air

  1. Sheri swaner says:

    Thanks for the reminder of a great, great song
    and introducing some new talent.

  2. Lovely a cappella version of “I Will.”

  3. Vleatles of Belgium.

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