I Have Colitis…um, I Mean Cancer

I was already a fan of Kathy Bates. Now that she’s YouTubed this account of her 2003 ovarian cancer diagnosis and treatment, she’s not just one of my favorite actresses. She’s my hero.

[Ed. note: Headline will be understood by Six Feet Under fans. However, Misery is still the executive summary for Kathy Bates. Tip o’ the hat to Diane for the YouTube link.]


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5 Responses to I Have Colitis…um, I Mean Cancer

  1. Julianne says:


    Thanks for sharing that sad news about such a great gal .

    I loved her the most from her performance in “Fried Green Tomatoes, ” one of my favorite movies.

    This OvCa video is very powerful.

    Do you mind if I tell my friends, most from the Chicago area, to go to your site to see it?

    I’m not entirely YouTube saavy. Luckily, my five year old hasn’t discovered how to get there yet, either.

  2. Sure, but here’s the link if you want it:

    I loved her in Primary Colors too.

  3. By the way, Bates is doing fine. She was diagnosed in 2003, but just recently she decided to go public. Here’s the PSA she filmed:

    For the Six Feet Under uninitiated: There was a scene where you could hear the voice of Kathy Bates say, “I have colitis.” Then the camera panned down and you found out she was playing Scrabble.

  4. sheri swaner says:

    Donna, thanks for posting about Kathy Bates.

    How could I not know this? She is one of my favorite Actresses;
    from Misery, Fried Green Tomatoes, Six Feet Under,
    Primary colors— though not as well known, was one of her finest performances.

    Now I must check my SFU DVD’s and re-watch the scene
    where she’s playing scrabble. I have seriously not heard one peep of this news. I adore her.
    I am so grateful to learn she is doing well,
    That you are doing well.

    Thanks again for your post and the added youtube video.

    I hope you are having a pleasant weekend.

    My two sisters, Sue and Stacey, have declared you as one of their favorite heroes. I told them they would adore you.
    And they sure do. As do I.

    I hope it is okay with you that you have now become a “cyber”
    Hero for many of us in Utah. Sue spread the word at the Huntsman Center, Stacey to her dental patients, and I think I may have been spreading the word of Donna, as well.

    Do you know when your book will be available on Amazon?
    I could do a little early Christmas Shopping. (for myself) : )

    This Kathy bates thing is bugging me.
    I’m going to go alert Steph.

    I think I’m going to have to hire you, or whoever designed
    and created your blog.



  5. Re my web designer: My nephew Jake Trussell, and he’s great. His “night job” is deejay, but for years he worked in web design at Mass Art in Boston. Today he lives in Chicago and free lances web design. You can see his modest ad off to the right (under the flickr photos). I think Jake would be an excellent choice to design a memorial site for your brother.

    Re my book: There will never be any more copies at Amazon, since retrieving cash from them is difficult for small presses. But you can order a copy directly from the publisher by sending a check for $9.95 to Helicon Nine Editions, PO Box 22412, KCMO 64113. Or call 816-753-1095, or email helicon9@aol dot com.

    But something tells me that you might be the perfect person to whom a free review copy should be sent! ;)

    Thanks again to you and your sisters.

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