Teal, We Hardly Knew Ye

Journalist Gwen Ifill

It’s October. Also known as Pink Nausea to Matthew Zachary and his merry band of upstarts at I’m Too Young for This and The Stupid Cancer Blog.

Breast Cancer Action says Think Before you Pink!

But don’t think before reading In the Name of Pinkness by the wonderful poet and breast-cancer survivor Alysa Cummings.


What happened to teal? Ovarian? The only teal I saw in September was the Caribbean shoreline in my glossy, unsolicited, can’t-be-cancelled magazine Islands.

At least we had Gwen Ifill‘s knock-out jacket during the veep debate.


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I write. I take pictures. I survived cancer.
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One Response to Teal, We Hardly Knew Ye

  1. rebecca says:

    Yeah! Thanks for posting about the Think Before You Pink campaign!

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